Mountain Climbing And Its List Of Advantages

Many modern people see rocking climbing or mountain climbing a strange sport or activity. The fact is that earlier human being, who did not have access to modern transportation relied on climbing and hiking to travel from one place to another. So, mountain climbing is something that is present in human DNA. You can make your mountain climbing more comfortable and safe with the mountain climbing gear. According to this post, rock climbing can be a great full body workout.

It is since the past 2000 years the human beings have become more civilized and fell into the sedentary lifestyle. Modern human beings hardly indulge in physical activities as most works are accomplished with computers and other electrical/electronic appliances. An average person might think that mountain climbing or trekking as a dangerous and tiring hobby. Moreover, some people are scared of having insect bites. Though hiking and trekking need lots of planning, you may need to take off from work, and enjoy the trip as they offer plenty of benefits. Trekking and hiking benefits not only your muscles but also your mental health.

The list of physical health benefits is very long. Climbing helps to increase the heart rate and reduce the blood pressure. The capacity of the lungs is increased due to heavy breathing and the level of oxygen intake increases. You will burn more calories and fat with climbing. The flexibility of the body and strength of the muscles are improved. You will also enjoy quality sleep.

There is lots of mental activity required for climbing. Regular climbing helps to improve your concentration and confidence level. The level of self-awareness increases and the stress is reduced.

Trekking with family or friends can offer a great sense of satisfaction. You will have more time to interact and bond with your family members or friends. You will know how to adjust and what to expect from other people. Trekking new places can give you amazing memories, which you may cherish for the lifetime. Above all the trekking helps to increase your survival skills.

There are many mountains, boulders, and rocks, where you go for climbing and trekking. You may need to obtain permissions from the concerned authorities before going for trekking. Beginners should always go with the experienced people. Some rocks and boulders could be a perilous trek. In such case, you should take extra precautionary by wearing advanced safety gears.

The gears are designed to make your trekking easier while minimizing the chances of slip, fall, and other injuries. For example, the shoes for climbing are specially designed to offer better grip during climbing. Shoes can reduce the fatigue and lets you indulge in climbing for a longer time.

You can find plenty of resources on the Internet to learn about the climbing gears. You should choose the type of gears based on your climbing needs. For example, you will need different kinds of shoes or footwear for climbing the icy mountains. Some of the climbing gears to mention are ropes, harnesses, holds, and carabiners.

All You Need To Know About Wasp Stings


A wasp is an insect-like bee but cannot produce honey. It has wings and has stripes of black and yellow all over the body. Like the bee sting, wasp sting is painful. These bites are common during the summer and rainy months when the weather is warm and when a person is stung by a wasp there are not many complications, unlike other insect bites. Read to know more.
Wasp has stingers which contain poison that can get into the person when it stings and can sting multiple times as unlike bees the stinger does not get stuck. Though wasp venom is not dangerous, the victim is in great pain and has skin irritations.

How to know if you are stung by a wasp?

If you are not allergic to stings, you will hardly have any symptoms if attacked by a wasp. You will feel a burning sensation or a shooting pain at the place where the wasp has stung, along with swelling, redness accompanied by itching.
To identify a wasp sting, you will see a white mark around the injured place. The pain reduces in a matter of few hours, and the raised skin will reduce, most injuries can be treated at home. People who are allergic to stings might have to visit a doctor.
At times there are more noticeable reactions to the wasp sting and is referred to as large local reactions. Those people who see these massive local reactions are those who have sting allergies and more swelling and redness which can last up to 2 to 3 days followed by vomiting sensation and sickness. Like normal reaction, these large local reactions also subside over a period of 6 days to a week. If you experience pain and discomfort, visit your doctor who will prescribe an antihistamine.

What is Anaphylaxis?

Some people who are stung by wasps have extreme allergic reactions, and this condition is called anaphylaxis. When wasp stings, sometimes the body is in a state of shock immediately after the attack and such cases should be treated by experienced medical professionals. When a person experiences anaphylaxis ensure that the treatment is quickly provided.

Face or lips are swollen.
Respiratory issues which includes difficulty in breathing.
Reduction in blood pressure.
Diarrhea and vomit.
Unconsciousness or feeling light-headed.
Increases pulse rate or slow pulse rate.

Treating wasp stings:
Normal to moderate reactions due to a bite can be treated at home by removing the venom by washing the area with water and soap. Later you can apply some ice to help reduce swelling. You can also cover the injury with a bandage. Ibuprofen can be consumed in case you are suffering from pain, while antihistamine medicines aid in reducing itching. For skin irritations use a hydrocortisone cream to soothe it.

If the reactions are severe, then you should go to a care provider. Epipen should be used when you notice any symptoms of wasp sting as it helps in calming the immune system. You may also be treated with steroids in case your breathing is not steady.

10 Best Outdoor Activities To Improve Health

While you are on a holiday, you might come across several recreational activities that are new to you. Few of them come with a set of skills that is not easy to acquire overnight. Here is a compilation of the popular outdoor activities for you to indulge in.

What fun would it be to catch a giant Marlin or small fish for your dinner. This popular activity takes place at sea and you must have access to a boat (either rented or your own), and fishing gear for the great adventure that lies ahead.

Bird Watching
There are nearly 10000 avian species and there are only a small number of bird enthusiasts who have watched one-third of the total number. This popular pastime has gained popularity over the years with an increase in the number of bird watching clubs. Whether you plan to write your memories in a journal or study birds for educational purpose, this one is a safe way to enjoy nature.

Go Skiing
If you are in the Alps, and you have not tried your hand at skiing, you are missing out on one of the adventurous activities in life. Alpine skiing started off in Australia, and today you have ski resorts equipped with ski lifts to take you up the mountain.

This popular American sport has garnered the right amount of attention and is now a part of the Olympic Games. New participants must be aware of the rules of snowboarding and practice safely to avoid running the risk of an accidental fall.

This multi-day hike involves camping, hiking and treading unknown paths or those inaccessible by other modes of transport. In addition to the health benefits of walking, you get a good chance to explore new places.

This action sport is a recreational activity which involves riding and performing stunts on a skateboard. All participants must exercise caution while skateboarding and wear the appropriate safety gear to protect their body from injuries and falls.

Discover the marvels of underwater life that is abound with fishes and plants. You have to use a diving mask, a snorkel and wear swim fins to travel under water. Most tropical resorts offer snorkeling as an activity by itself and you can observe life under water and other attractions in a given period of time.

This surface water sport involves the use of a water board that is mostly rectangular in shape. Is the water serene with no presence of waves? No problem. Wave boarding will provide you with the much needed exercise and fun as a boat drags you along on water.

Fly Fishing
This outdoor activity requires technical skills for casting. Take along a book, some delicious food and spend your time catching fish. You can use the catch for dinner.

This is a romantic outdoor activity that can set your imagination soaring and provides you with a good chance to enjoy a relaxing cruise. Admire the vastness of the sea that lies ahead, sun bath and enjoy a cup of beer while on the go.

Top Fantasy Books For Book Lovers

Reading is a wonderful recreational hobby that will benefit you in more ways than one It offers you the chance to escape into a whole new world that is very different from reality. There are plenty of fantasy book series that are popular among avid book lovers. However, some book series tend to stand out due to the excellent writing by the author and their ability to sustain he reader’s interest for a long time. Here are a few favorite fantasy books that are loved by fantasy book fans all over the world:

The Dresden Files
This book about a superhero who has the ability to create fire is written by Jum Butcher. The protagonist of the book, Harry Dresden is a private eye who also has the power of wizardry. There are about twenty books in this series and can be read as standalone books as well. However, you will find yourself looking for other books in the series once you have had a go at it.

The Lightbringer
This famous book is written by Brent Weeks. It is about a teenager who is bullied by his peers but still, manages to hold onto his good sense of humor. He comes across many challenges and manages to overcome each one with his level-headed thinking and logical approach.

The First Law
This book is written by Joe Abercrombie. It consists of plenty of brutal and graphic passages and is intended for a more mature reader. It is about a sadistic torturer who takes pleasure in torturing his helpless victims.

A Song of Ice and Fire
This book series has risen in popularity due to the recent TV adaptation by HBO. The book series is written by George R Martin and is not complete yet. The author manages to get you completely involved with the storyline which involves several warring families over the iron throne. Once you had a taste of this book series, you will be hooked for life.

Dark Elf Trilogy
This book series is written by R A Salvatore and is very popular amongst fantasy book lovers. It is about the adventures of an elf called Drizzt along with his magical pet panther. Their different adventures are bound to keep any reader enthralled between its pages.

The Dark Tower Series
Stephen King is a famous name in the book world for his large body of work. This book series is a mix of horror, fantasy, old American Western and science fiction. This is often hailed as a classic by many fantasy book lovers.

The Earthsea Series
This series is written by Ursula K Leguin. It consists of 6 books, where Ged becomes the apprentice of a powerful mage and defend the universe from evil powers. Teenagers will enjoy this particular series, considering the age and the adventures of the protagonist in the books.

The Inheritance Trilogy
This book by N K Jemisin is about Yeine Darr who becomes the leader of warriors after the untimely death of her mother. Her conflict with her cousins and her enemies makes for an interesting read.