While you are on a holiday, you might come across several recreational activities that are new to you. Few of them come with a set of skills that is not easy to acquire overnight. Here is a compilation of the popular outdoor activities for you to indulge in.

What fun would it be to catch a giant Marlin or small fish for your dinner. This popular activity takes place at sea and you must have access to a boat (either rented or your own), and fishing gear for the great adventure that lies ahead.

Bird Watching
There are nearly 10000 avian species and there are only a small number of bird enthusiasts who have watched one-third of the total number. This popular pastime has gained popularity over the years with an increase in the number of bird watching clubs. Whether you plan to write your memories in a journal or study birds for educational purpose, this one is a safe way to enjoy nature.

Go Skiing
If you are in the Alps, and you have not tried your hand at skiing, you are missing out on one of the adventurous activities in life. Alpine skiing started off in Australia, and today you have ski resorts equipped with ski lifts to take you up the mountain.

This popular American sport has garnered the right amount of attention and is now a part of the Olympic Games. New participants must be aware of the rules of snowboarding and practice safely to avoid running the risk of an accidental fall.

This multi-day hike involves camping, hiking and treading unknown paths or those inaccessible by other modes of transport. In addition to the health benefits of walking, you get a good chance to explore new places.

This action sport is a recreational activity which involves riding and performing stunts on a skateboard. All participants must exercise caution while skateboarding and wear the appropriate safety gear to protect their body from injuries and falls.

Discover the marvels of underwater life that is abound with fishes and plants. You have to use a diving mask, a snorkel and wear swim fins to travel under water. Most tropical resorts offer snorkeling as an activity by itself and you can observe life under water and other attractions in a given period of time.

This surface water sport involves the use of a water board that is mostly rectangular in shape. Is the water serene with no presence of waves? No problem. Wave boarding will provide you with the much needed exercise and fun as a boat drags you along on water.

Fly Fishing
This outdoor activity requires technical skills for casting. Take along a book, some delicious food and spend your time catching fish. You can use the catch for dinner.

This is a romantic outdoor activity that can set your imagination soaring and provides you with a good chance to enjoy a relaxing cruise. Admire the vastness of the sea that lies ahead, sun bath and enjoy a cup of beer while on the go.