Top Fantasy Books For Book Lovers

Reading is a wonderful recreational hobby that will benefit you in more ways than one It offers you the chance to escape into a whole new world that is very different from reality. There are plenty of fantasy book series that are popular among avid book lovers. However, some book series tend to stand out due to the excellent writing by the author and their ability to sustain he reader’s interest for a long time. Here are a few favorite fantasy books that are loved by fantasy book fans all over the world:

The Dresden Files
This book about a superhero who has the ability to create fire is written by Jum Butcher. The protagonist of the book, Harry Dresden is a private eye who also has the power of wizardry. There are about twenty books in this series and can be read as standalone books as well. However, you will find yourself looking for other books in the series once you have had a go at it.

The Lightbringer
This famous book is written by Brent Weeks. It is about a teenager who is bullied by his peers but still, manages to hold onto his good sense of humor. He comes across many challenges and manages to overcome each one with his level-headed thinking and logical approach.

The First Law
This book is written by Joe Abercrombie. It consists of plenty of brutal and graphic passages and is intended for a more mature reader. It is about a sadistic torturer who takes pleasure in torturing his helpless victims.

A Song of Ice and Fire
This book series has risen in popularity due to the recent TV adaptation by HBO. The book series is written by George R Martin and is not complete yet. The author manages to get you completely involved with the storyline which involves several warring families over the iron throne. Once you had a taste of this book series, you will be hooked for life.

Dark Elf Trilogy
This book series is written by R A Salvatore and is very popular amongst fantasy book lovers. It is about the adventures of an elf called Drizzt along with his magical pet panther. Their different adventures are bound to keep any reader enthralled between its pages.

The Dark Tower Series
Stephen King is a famous name in the book world for his large body of work. This book series is a mix of horror, fantasy, old American Western and science fiction. This is often hailed as a classic by many fantasy book lovers.

The Earthsea Series
This series is written by Ursula K Leguin. It consists of 6 books, where Ged becomes the apprentice of a powerful mage and defend the universe from evil powers. Teenagers will enjoy this particular series, considering the age and the adventures of the protagonist in the books.

The Inheritance Trilogy
This book by N K Jemisin is about Yeine Darr who becomes the leader of warriors after the untimely death of her mother. Her conflict with her cousins and her enemies makes for an interesting read.

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